C How To Ask For User Input

15/04/2011 · C++, Need help creating an Array that can store user-input values.? Alright so, in programming class today one of our assignments was to write a program that asks the user to type in 10 integers of an array then the program must compute and write the number of … […]

How To Add Contacts In Whatsapp Android

View Contacts List In New WhatsApp On Android And iPhone. Depending on your smartphone being iOS or Android you can find the Contacts list on WhatsApp at the following locations. 1. Open WhatsApp and select the Chats tab. 2. For iPhone/iPad users, tap on the Compose new message icon at the top right under Chats tab. Android users need to tap on the new icon at the bottom right as … […]

How To Change Usb Settings In Android

In order to open the MTP + ADB settings on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you need a code, which is entered via the phone app of the Android software. Open the phone app of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Now enter the following code via the keyboard: * # 0808 # […]

How To Add Cdt To Eclipse

Current Status. Development is underway on bugfixes for the CDT 9.6 release series and for the next version, CDT 9.7 which is expected to join the release train in March for the 2019-03 Simultaneous Release or June for the 2019-06 Simultaneous Release. […]

How To Add Multiple Layers In Photoshop

Each effect will be listed. multiple effects may be used at once. Add Layer Mask: This is the button to press to add a layer mask to the currently selected layer. Allows you to paint away parts of your layer without damaging your original image. Add Adjustment Layer: The best way to apply image adjustments. There can change the color or tone of an image. All layers are affected underneath an […]

How To Draw The Big Bang Explosion

Evolution’s Big Bang, the Cambrian explosion of life that supposedly occurred over 500 million years ago, continues to puzzle evolutionists. Recent discoveries have narrowed the time frame from over 70 million years to less than 10 million years. This has only complicated their dilemma because so many different creatures appear in the Cambrian with no ancestors or intermediates. The major […]

How To Delete Or Remove A Hard Drive Windows 7

23/02/2012 · How to Add, Change, or Remove a Drive Letter in Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 Information This will show you how to add, change, or remove a drive letter for any drive installed or connected to the computer in Vista , Windows 7 , and Windows 8 . […]

Lottoa 649 Guaranteed Prize Draw How To Tell Winner

TORONTO — No winning ticket was sold for the $9.3 million jackpot in Saturday night's Lotto 649 jackpot. However, the guaranteed $1 million prize was claimed by a ticket holder in British Columbia. The jackpot for the next Lotto 649 draw on Jan. 16 will be approximately $12 million. […]

Weller Wood Burning Kit How To Change Tips

This Tradeflame Wood Burning Kit has been designed for light duty applications. With a heat resistant handle this a multi tip hobby tools kit. 24 Piece Kit Light Duty Applications Heat Resistant Handle D.I.Y. Basics D.I.Y. Basics: Get to know your random orbital sander A quick guide to your random […]

How To Avoid Getting The Flu Shot In Ontario

which help prevent diseases. If your child is less than 9 years of age, and getting influenza vaccine for the first time, your child will need 2 doses of vaccine this season. They are given at least 4 weeks apart. For everyone else, one dose is needed each influenza season (late fall through winter). How well does influenza vaccine work? The vaccine lowers your risk of getting influenza by […]

How To Draw A Chibi Wolf

See more What others are saying "Ya lo probe y me que do de poca pruebenlo" "These chibi demons bases are suoer cute!" "These are sketches meant to be used as a reference or base. […]

How To Add Checkbox In Excel Column

9/05/2011 · so if your numbers are in column A, then link each check box to the adjacent column B cell.. then use the SUM IF to sum the column A values that have a TRUE in the adjacent column B cell - … […]

How To Add An Icone To Xbox360 Homebrew App

Homebrew on Xbox 360 has been a wet dream for me the last 3 years! Thanks to all the crazy hackers out there who have presented the general public with the ability to do homebrew Xbox 360. […]

How To Draw Feet With Shoes Front View

Featured: How to draw paws front view. treijim 1 Deviation Featured: Tutorial - Anime - Part 5. TUTORIAL BODY FEET - SHOES. How I draw shoes ElectroSlime 335 11 Feet art reference Sellenin 360 4 Resource 010 CourtneysConcepts 380 6 [How to] 50 Hands and feet study aoiMusubi 108 3 Anatomy Challenge, Part 05 - Feet AzizlaSwiftwind 224 4 Feet Study 001 TKdrawnime 117 6 How to Draw … […]

How To Delete Guides In Photoshop

Photoshop's Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide. by Ian This guide will give you a comprehensive basis for working with the Pen Tool in Photoshop. Free PSD Exercise File. Before we get started, lets take a look at free PSD download. Download the Pen Tool Exercise file and follow the guides to create precise paths, using the hints and shortcuts covered in this article. 1. Functions. Pen tool […]

How To Close Tabs When Chrome Is Closed On Pixel

If you close all tabs in a window, but have another Chrome window with a tab open, then that session is still active, so starting Chrome again will not be a new session. Likewise, if Chrome hangs and you close all windows but there remains a copy of chrome.exe running, … […]

How To Clean Inside Of Fireplace Glass

14/06/2018 · bagsluxumall.com-Cleaning Inside Of Fireplace To clean the inside of your fireplace, simply follow the steps below, and when finished, you will be able to admire your impressive outcome. Prepare to clean. You will need some Quick N Brite Paste . […]

How To Draw A Cute Dog Face

28 Collection Of Cute Three Headed Dog Drawing High Quality Free ; 15 Animate Drawing Cute Chibi Dog For Free Download On Ya Webdesign ; Drawings Cute Dog Drawings Cute Dog Drawings Cute Dog Drawings Cute […]

How To Cook Turnips In Instant Pot

Instant Pot Smothered Cajun Greens Recipe Today, I have a nice, easy Instant Pot recipe for you, Smothered Cajun Greens . This recipe is an easy way to get some color on your plate. […]

How To Clear Apps On Macbook

Here is how you delete apps from your Mac. How to delete apps downloaded from the Mac App Store ; How to delete non-App Store apps in the Finder; How to delete apps from your Dock; How to delete apps downloaded from the Mac App Store. Deleting an app you downloaded from the Mac App Store is a lot like deleting an app from your iPhone. Open Launchpad on your Mac. This can be done by clicking […]

How To Draw A Bird On A Tree Branch

Pencil Art Pencil Sketching Pencil Drawings Life Tree Tattoo Tree Bird Tattoo Simple Tree Tattoo Bird Tattoos Tree Roots Tattoo Tree Tattoo Meaning Forwards In his latest series of illustrations, Alfred Basha depicts a series of images where animals merge with the natural world: trees sprout into the silhouettes of foxes or squirrels, and a forest landscape rests atop a lumbering bear. […]

How To Begin Using A Pendulum

Using a pendulum is all about making sense of a vast morass of information; collecting sense out of an often chaotic muddle of options and possibilities. In reality the pendulum … […]

How To Dance Ballet At Home

A type of performance dance which was born in the 15 th century in Italian renaissance courts, ballet is a dance form which involves many complex moves and positions. […]

How To Become Motivated When Depressed

That initiates a negative feedback – the less I do the less motivated i become and the depression deepens. Then suddenly, without warning, or as far as I can tell without any trigger, my motivation returns and productivity increases. Productivity lifts my spirits and produces a positive feedback – the better I feel the more i accomplish. Eventually and without warning, the depression […]

How To Change Lighting In Videos

The metal contacts in low voltage landscape lighting in your yard can become corroded over time, causing them to not light properly. To solve this problem: Turn off the power to the outdoor lighting fixture. Remove the bulb from the … […]

How To Change The Background On Messaging On Android

15/03/2018 · Still though wish I could just change the background to a simple black or gray. I found a free messaging app that offers lots of great themeing options including background - bubbles - and more. The ap is called "mood" on google play and it works great. no Ads, You are not forced to register with MOOD but you can - and it seems to work great. […]

How To Properly Cook Scrambled Eggs

The key to making perfect scrambled eggs is whisking the eggs thoroughly and vigorously before cooking them. Whisking incorporates air, which produces fluffier scrambled eggs, and fluffier eggs are always your end goal. […]

How To Clean An Oil Painting With Bread

Never use the crust of a bread to do the cleaning as this might scratch the surface of the oil painting. 2. Do not use liquids such as water, baby oil, alchohol or any other foreign substance as this can damage your beautiful paintings. […]

How To Connect Ps Vita To Tv Via Usb

Ps vita connect to internet via bluetooth Wifi icon is grey and i cant connect to the internet even tho the wifi settings show a connection with the router? Nibuzz asked 3g and wifi connection but i give a 3g connection wifi not working in my phone only net sim card connection by sim providers options but […]

How To Change Your Hours Played On Steam

25/05/2018 · These majestic games demanded to be played for days, not hours—and your tenacity will be rewarded. It became the most-played title on Steam in no time, surpassing even Dota 2 … […]

How To Create Track Like Avicii

Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, is a producer and DJ out of Stockholm, Sweden, best known for his songs “Levels”, “Wake Me Up”, and “Hey Brother”. Avicii began producing his own music at age 18, and in 2013 he teamed up with Ericsson to create the first “crowd-sourced” song, “Avicii x You”. He has also featured on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 list multiple times since his […]

How To Add Mods In Horizon Zero Dawn

1) Only post content that is related to Horizon Zero Dawn. Do not post links to any clickbait sites and articles. Do not post links to any clickbait sites and articles. 2) Do not post spoilers in the title. […]

How To Call Australia From Italy

Italian Australians comprise the sixth largest ethnic group in Australia, with the 2016 census finding 4.6% of the population (1,000,013 people) claiming ancestry from Italy be they migrants to Australia or their descendants born in Australia of Italian heritage. […]

How To Create Business Process Flow In Crm 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Tip: Form Manipulation Using “Business Process Flow” Control Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 supports new dynamic UI features in its XRM.Page namespace. One of these is the ability to interact with the Business Process Flow controls to quickly write business validations, control the visibility of form elements, among other actions based upon the current Business […]

How To Add Nicknames To Facebook Friends

You’ve probably got a few friends who go by a nickname that’s completely unrelated to their proper name on Facebook. You possibly also have a friends that have changed surnames over the years, yet you only seem to recall their old names. […]

How To Download Wii No Ma In Usa

The latest version of Wii System Menu is 4.3, therefore, this method should work for ALL USA, Japanese, Korean and PAL Wiis. Smash Stack requires a copy of Super Smash Bros … […]

How To Add Money To Seneca One Card

Each one of these cards is then assigned a theme and filed in my index card box. The result of 4–5 years of doing this? Thousands of cards in dozens of themes–from Love to Education to Jokes […]

How To Call Webservice In Java

17/04/2018 · How to call a Web service by using a client certificate for authentication in an ASP.NET Web application. Content provided by Microsoft . Summary. This article discusses how to pass a client certificate to a Web service for authentication from an ASP.NET Web application. Note The steps in this article also apply to when you make a direct HTTP request by using the HttpWebRequest class if you … […]

I Did Git Add But How To See Git Diff

When adding a folder with some new files into my project and doing a git status, git only tells me about the folder and not the files. When I did a add -A only the folder and no files was added and when I push and pull, only the folder and not the files come through. […]

How To Choose A Laptop For Me

There are a few points you should keep in mind when you choose a Mac computer. These points will help you choose the right Mac computer for you, in terms of both budget and usefulness. These points are actually questions you need to ask yourself. […]

How To Connect Ihome Bluetooth Keyboard

Full function wireless Bluetooth keyboard makes typing easy for your iPad or other tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device, includes music control functions Wirelessly connect your Bluetooth-enabled phone, iPad, PDA or computer […]

Mh World How To Bring Down Wingdrakes

The first monster that hunters are tasked with bringing down in Monster Hunter: World, the Great Jagras is highly resistant to Water-type damage, and has significant resistance against Dragon as […]

How To Draw A Skeleton Body

In this video lesson, you will discover how to draw a human body skeleton in contrapposto position. « Previous video. Next video » Get your free video lessons. Please let us know where to send Your Free Access Link. Get your free video lessons. Please let us know where to send Your Free Access Link. Human Body Skeleton in Contrapposto. In such a pose, the human body skeleton has several […]

How To Create Vm From Vhd File

Upload a generalized VHD and use it to create new VMs in Azure. 09/25/2018; 4 minutes to read Contributors. all; In this article. This article walks you through using PowerShell to upload a VHD of a generalized VM to Azure, create an image from the VHD, and create a new VM from that image. […]

Design How To Choose Colours

Color was essential to the identity of Sasaki, a global planning and design practice. “They were working in a range of environments, and color was a device to capture that,” says Tura. “They were working in a range of environments, and color was a device to capture that,” says Tura. […]

How To Clean Refrigerator Door Gaskets

How to clean mold off of fridge and freezer gaskets! How to clean mold off of fridge and freezer gaskets! . Visit Clean Refrigerator Cleaning Mold Vinegar Seals Clean Fridge. cleaning mould fridge seals. Susan Yebra. LA CASA . Clinton Kelly's Ranch Dressing. Ranch Dressing Recipe The Chew Recipes Cooking Recipes Free Recipes Clinton Kelly Cleaning Hacks Cleaning Solutions Cleaning … […]

How To Delete Roposo Account Permanently

Great, your Twitter account is linked to roposo.com. Linking your Twitter account to your website helps prevent brandjacking and can help make your social media marketing more effective. Here are a few tips to help create a Twitter promotion plan. […]

How To Cook With Milk Without Curdling

With the milk and beef cooked down and the few tomatoes added at the last part of the cooking process, you shouldn't have any issues with curdling. Reply Clicking the will recommend this comment to others. […]

How To Add Secondary Vertical Axis In Excel

27/01/2015 · This is by design and when we have two field to add in the "Value" area and there is big different between the size of the value in this two fields, then we have advantage to add a primary vertical axis and an secondary vertical axis to display the chart perfectly,we can set different format of the value for both axis, this is why the two vertical axis are different by default. In your […]

How To Ask Someone To Cosign A Car Loan

Additionally, cosigning on an auto loan will impact a signer’s credit utilization ratio, which will reflect that the cosigner now owes more money (the auto loan) than before, despite the fact that they’re not the primary borrower. Finally, cosigning is the loose equivalent to “guaranteeing” a loan. […]

How To Clean Up Contaminated Soil

Lead and Pyromorphite Lecture by Steve Calanog of the EPA. Report back by K.Ruby Blume www.iuhoakland.com. I attended a lecture on lead in the soil and how to deal with it given by Steve Calanog of the EPA who is currently working on a massive clean-up … […]

How To Change Screensaver Windows 10

22/08/2016 · Windows 10 Installation, Setup, locks screens and screen savers, to help advertise stuff in the corp. How to do that in Windows 10? Wallpaper is easy, ok, but what about screen saver and lock screen? For screen saver we use a folder, 4 JPG images inside the folder and the images were used to inform people about stuff in the company. And even when the PC is locked, custom images can be […]

How To Ask A Guy Where This Is Going

And if he’s interested in you, he’s definitely going to ask you out before you ask him out. But at times, life can be a tad more complicated than we want it to be. And at times like these, a girl has no choice but to make the first move. You may have just broken up with this guy’s best friend, both of you could be old buddies [Read: Falling for a friend], or there may be some other […]

How To Clean Davids Tea Travel Mug

Since the tea press is a travel mug, I took the shot on my car of course 🙂 (also cause lighting was better outside than inside.) The Tea Press ($35 CAD) is a double walled stainless steel mug. There are two components to this; you have the mug with the stainless steel, and then the BPA-free Tritan press to put inside the mug. […]

How To Increase Download Speed Windows 10

Here is a step-by-step guide to speed up Windows 10 on your computer: Launch Start Menu and navigate to the Control Panel. In the Control Panel , just go to the Search field at the top-right of […]

How To Add A Proxy On Pc

Learn what a proxy is and the risks involved. You may not know it (and once you do not know it, it may not bother you), but every time you reach out to a website or connect with anyone online, your online connection gives your computer "address" to the site/person you're connecting with. […]

How To Delete Missed Calls On A Vtech Cordless Phone

Press and hold to delete all records in the call log when the phone is not in use (page 32). When reviewing the call log or redial list, press to delete the desired record (page 32 or 18). CHARGE light […]

How To Connect 2 Pins Flow Meter On Aquaero 5

Connect Flow Sensor Insert the end of the Hall-effect flow sensor cable through a hole in the box. To prevent it being pulled back out and damaging solder joints you can then tie a knot in it, or put a cable tie very tightly around the cable just inside the box. […]

How To Delete Play Time In Gog Galaxy

For nearly every GOG game you can now track your play time. Additionally, select GOG Galaxy-powered games will offer extra stats or in-game leaderboards. Additionally, select GOG Galaxy-powered games will offer extra stats or in-game leaderboards. […]

How To Change Facebook Profile To Page

Yes, you can. You can convert your Existing Facebook Account/Profile into a Facebook Page. This doesn’t mean that it will completely convert your whole profile into a page, After the conversion process, your original Facebook Account will be intact. […]

How To Draw Totoro Chibi

how in hell do you draw chibi feet?! lunethien . Follow. Unfollow. kuroken cat bus mine again lol hi now you know how i procrastinate during spring break not nearly as aesthetic as my other drawing but i was watching totoro today so how do you even develop an art style???? i can't draw people so i do the intense chibi thing bloops. 151 notes […]

How To Add Invitation Into Body Of Gmail

5/11/2014 · Calendar invites I receive from people with outlook are completely blank on both mac/chrome and android app. I see the sender, subject, but the body of the email is empty. […]

How To Clean Presse Papier

Presse Papier De L Ordinateur L'invention concerne un système et un procĂ©dĂ© permettant de transfĂ©rer le fragment d'un document via un système de messagerie Internet. Les donnĂ©es transfĂ©rĂ©es deviennent disponibles sur le presse-papiers de l'ordinateur rĂ©cepteur dès qu'elles sont collĂ©es sur un autre document de l'ordinateur rĂ©cepteur. Les donnĂ©es transfĂ©rĂ©es Le presse papier […]

How To Add Shadows To Letters

Add The Drop Shadows We need three drop shadows: one on the body, one on the left wing, and one on the right wing. This is to emphasize that the wings are in front of the bird’s body. […]

How To Cook Potato Stuffing

Put the stuffing into the oven on the lowest shelf and cook for one hour. Remove the trays from the oven and gently stir until the crispy parts on top have moved further down. Put back in … […]

How To Make Other Accounts Not Add Fingerprin

12/10/2016 · So I just reinstalled Windows 10 on my machine. Before I had it set up so that I could log in with a password or fingerprint. Now it seems my only options are (1) … […]

How To Add Frameworks Group Ios

Let’s create a “Metadata” group (without folder) and add some miscellaneous files such as a read me, license, podspec, etc. This is what I have: This is what I have: When you add these files to your project, make sure unselect all the target memberships since they don’t need to be compiled into the framework. […]

Atwood Carbon Monoxide Gas Alarm How To Connect

My understanding is that smoke detectors should be up high, LPG dectors down low, and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors midway to high. CO is slightly lighter than air so will mix with the air, not fall to the floor like LPG which is heavier than air. […]

How To Draw Realistic Hair Male

[Step 2] Draw the outline of some long, wispy strands of hair to the left of the ear. Within the ear, draw hairs emanating from the upper boundary and stretching across the ear. [Step 3] This step shows the hair to the right of the ear which should have been drawn in a previous step. [Step 4] Add more hair detail to the area to the left of the ear by drawing short hairs curling around the edge […]

How To Cook Raw Pasta

I’ve included a step-by-step photo tutorial for you guys or you can skip right ahead to a printable version of this recipe. This recipe takes approximately 2 hours from start to finish and makes about 1.25 pounds of pasta (give or take). […]

How To Draw A Human Head Step By Step

Drawing Of Human Head How To Draw The Head In Perspective Drawing Human Head In - Drawing Of Human Head Back To Drawing Of Human Head 12 photos of the "Drawing Of Human Head" […]

How To Connect Microphone Of Iphone Headset To Pc

1 Piece 3.5mm Splitter Mic And Audio Cable. - - Combo Audio Adaptor: 2 x 3.5mm female jack plug to 1 x 3.5mm male jack plug. you must first connect the headset and microphone to the adapter cable, and... […]

How To Change Video Privacy Settings

6/02/2010 · Your Facebook information is open for everyone to see by default. This video will show you how to secure your Facebook profile. […]

How To Build Big Arms Without Weights

Instead of making your biceps work in isolation with single joint movements such as curls, you can build much bigger biceps with heavy compound movements. The main reason that the anti-isolation bodybuilding method works is that the smaller muscle groups (such as the arms and shoulders) are exposed to far more weight with compound movements than with isolation movements. […]

How To Download Optifine When It Keeps Not Working

Not only is Optifine great for all computers running Minecraft (Mojang, as much as we love Minecraft, has been a little sloppy with their GPU and graphic optimization code), it can take a computer that barely renders Minecraft and provide a playable experience. […]

How To Clean A Nintendo Game Pak

The Nintendo GameCube is a sturdy and reliable piece of hardware. It will play games and run with no problems for years if you properly maintain the machine. One of the things that can help you preserve the life of your GameCube is accurately cleaning the inside of the GameCube. Dirt can get inside of a Nintendo GameCube and cause the laser to not read discs correctly. In addition, it can […]

How To Change Entire Radicals To Mixed

26/10/2017 · On Thursday, Oct. 26th, we warmed up with our second logical reasoning challenge - the Canals on Mars puzzle! You worked in partners to complete this puzzles. Afterward, we had our lesson on Mixed and Entire Radicals. Please find the lesson resources below: Resources: Puzzle - Canals on Mars Mixed and Entire Radicals (4.3) Notes… […]

How To Build Self Discipline To Exercise

With that in mind, self-discipline becomes a process of building consistent daily habits over time that help us obtain our desired outcomes. Or, in other words, it’s about taking small consistent actions that help you form the habits that subsequently help you achieve your goal. […]

How To Add Projects To Eclipse

This is a two-part question about adding a third-party library (JAR) to an Android project in Eclipse. The first part of the question is, when I try to add a third-party JAR (library) to my Android […]

How To Draw A Grizzly Bear Face

Bear illustrations and clipart premiumdesign 23 / 1,618 Happy bear with banner Drawings by PiXXart 18 / 2,033 Teddy Bear Stock Illustrations by karanta 15 / 2,622 Grizzly Bear Mascot Head Vector Gra Drawing by ChromaCo 25 / 2,602 Bear Mascot Flexing Arm Cartoon Stock Illustration by ChromaCo 46 / 5,000 Bear Stock Illustration by sushkonastya 27 / 1,176 bear design Stock Illustrations by […]

How To Do A Brush Cut

Most people who choose to build a brush cutter use an old push lawn mower to do so. A riding mower or tractor may work as well. In many cases, both of the latter pieces of equipment may be manufactured to accommodate brush-cutting attachments sold at home improvement stores. […]

How To Connect 2 Behringer X32

Behringer Behringer X32 Compact. Rating Required Name Email Required. Review Subject 32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface, with DAW remote control emulating HUI* and Mackie Control* iPad* and iPhone* apps for professional remote operation available free of charge—no host PC required; High-resolution 7 day-viewable Color TFT for easy viewing of workflow components and parameters; Main […]

How To Choose N And C For Big O

Each combination that is generated is printed (unlike before), and it takes O(n) recursive invokations for each combination printed, so an upper bound on the number of recursive calls is O(n (n C k)). […]

How To Clear Cache On A

Repeat the same steps for other applications. That’s the way to clear the app cache on this smartphone. Manually, you can delete the cache memory of certain applications. […]

How To Add References In Word 2007

31/10/2018 · When you click on the "References" tab, you'll see the word "Style" next to a drop-down menu. If you click on the drop-down menu, you can select the citation style you want to use for your references. […]

How To Draw Electron Dot Diagrams

You do Mg then put 2 dots anywhere you want (around the Mg)... it shows it has 2 valance electrons, if you are assuming that its not in an ionic form. […]

How To Change The Right Click List Windows 10

Normally, after 7-Zip is installed, it will appear in the context menu when you right click on one file/folder. However, there are some cases in which some Windows 10 users find that 7-Zip option doesn’t appear in the right click Menu. […]

How To Change Facebook Page Name On Mobile

Did you know Facebook allows users to change their display names, and even add alternate names to their accounts? Our guide will show you how to complete both actions in the Facebook mobile […]

How To Draw A Diamond Ring Step By Step

graphics. How to add basic drawing elements, and create different diamonds and precious stones, how to modify those elements and then edit and color are covered in the exercises. You are then taken through some of the special effects that can be applied to them. The creative aspect of making bangles, rings, jewellery sets and other professional artwork is also covered. PHASE - I Free Trial […]

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