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Interview - Wolfbrigade

Image: Wolfbrigade, pitriff, news, reviews, interviews, pitriffWolfbrigade are a band of some irony.  They are a punk meets metal band, and yet, they have landed on a stoner rock label like Southern Lord to release their latest album, DAMNED.  While heavily punk influenced, their latest release is far more brutal than you would expect from a band of this ilk.  Checking in from the road, Dadde from Wolfbrigade checked in to explain just what's going on with the band, with DAMNED, and with their decision to take a full year off before reconvening with DAMNED.

PITRIFF - DAMNED is such a brutal release, seemingly more than PREY TO THE WORLD or COMALIVE. What changed to crank the intensity up so far?

DADDE -  That's what we needed to do to not feel like we were doing the same record again, if you listen to PREY and then COMALIVE, you notice that it's angrier and more metallic, and now it's even more so. Next one I want to make even rawer than DAMNED, but also try to make a more varied record, this one is pretty much like a runaway train...wreck!

PITRIFF - Why did you decide to take a year off completely from touring?

DADDE -  To make this album, basically. We know our band too well, if we have gigs they take up too much time in the rehearsal place, arguments over setlists, etc. ha ha.

PITRIFF - What is bringing you back to recording and hitting the road once again?

DADDE -  Well, that was our intention with the year off, to make a record and play live again, to feel hungry. It worked.

PITRIFF - With so many stoner metal bands being signed with them, Southern Lord seems like a somewhat odd fit for you guys. What did the label bring to the table that made you decide to sign with them?

DADDE -  Lots and lots of money and promises of sex drugs and rock n roll! Just kidding. To be honest, we have felt like we needed a bit of a bigger label involved in order to make a record we want to do. With Southern Lord we have that. And besides that, Greg is a hardcore punk guy at heart so it was a easy decision.

PITRIFF - While DAMNED is brutal, it also has some old school thrash elements in it. Songs like "Road To Dreams" almost sound like they have some KILL EM ALL era Metallica like riffs in them. That's a far cry from your more punk influenced roots. What possessed you guys to lean the material more toward a full on metal sound and less toward the punk vibe of early material?

DADDE -  Well, we have always been into metal, especially Jocke and Erik comes from a metal background, having Obscure Infinity prior to doing Wolfpack, so influences like Entombed, Napalm Death, Grave, Bathory, Venom, Repulsion, have always been there, mixed with Motorhead and our punk and hardcore influences.

PITRIFF - You recorded with Fredrik Nordstrom, who is great. What did he bring out on DAMNED that you don't think was captured on previous albums?

DADDE -  He insisted we should record live because we "are a punk band trying to be a metalband". We recorded the album more or less live to get that punky feel with the big metal sound and a classic Swede death metal distortion pedal.

PITRIFF - Music like you are doing seems a lot more widely accepted now than maybe a decade ago when really the only band doing this type of thing with any sort of notoriety was Napalm Death. Do you see it being more accepted than when you first started, and do you care either way?

DADDE -  Crust and D-beat as they call it nowadays (we just called it "Käng" or "D-takt" or "hardcore") is more well known today, many metalbands have gotten into it because of many old metal bands namedropping Discharge, Anti Cimex, Mob 47 etc, and later us, Skitsystem etc, and the obvious d-beat influences of bands such as Entombed and Napalm Death. I think it's cool, the scenes are making a crossover again, but to be honest, for me personally nothing have changed. I'm still into the same type of bands. I need some punk in my metal and no sketchiness, can't stand the nationalistic bullshit some metal bands are into, while I have a hard time with punk bands that have their heads too far up their own asses. All of us are very much political beings in Wolfbrigade(going the left hand path), and DIY is very important to us, but there are grey zones and it seems that a lot of bands (and fans) doesn't seem to understand that. Or pretend to not understand it at least.

PITRIFF - What are your plans for the rest of 2012?

DADDE -  Play live! Write more music!

PITRIFF - In three words or less, describe the band Stryper.

DADDE -  Sucky!

PITRIFF - What am I missing that you want people to know?

DADDE -  Well, you covered that we have a new album out on Southern lord called "Damned". It's a angry punk metal album and a good effort from a band that has been around for 17 years. We hope to see you on the road. Cheers // Dadde Wolfbrigade

Visit Wolfbrigade online at www.wolfbrigadeofficial.wordpress.com

Damned - Wolfbrigade

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