Oderus Urungus (GWAR), Mat Sinner

This week on THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, Neeley and Chris catch up with one of the most vile creatures on the planet, vocalist/cannibal Oderus Urungus of GWAR.  GWAR has a brand new message of hatred and destruction called BATTLE MAXIMUS, and Urungus reached out to the most insulting, disgusting show on the planet to deliver his message of insult and disgust to all of us filthy humans that don't deserve to continue our existence.  To say the least, THIS interview should be interesting.  

Additionally, the guys catch up with Sinner mainman and Primal Fear bassist Mat Sinner.  With Primal Fear preparing their next album, Sinner found time to put together a brand new collection of songs for his debut band Sinner.  We'll be playing tracks from his new release TOUCH OF SIN 2, as well as catching up with Mat about everything going on with both Sinner and Primal Fear.