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Review - Mr. Big
  • Sevendust - KILL THE FLAW

    Image: Sevendust, Kill The Flaw Sevendust


    When I first saw Sevendust’s new release was titled KILL THE FLAW, my initial thought was “what exactly is the flaw?” It leads you to wonder just what it is that caused this band to not break big, while bands with lesser quality catalogs like Disturbed or Korn had such crazy amounts of success at the same time. This

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  • Iron Maiden - THE BOOK OF SOULS

    Image: Iron Maiden, The Book of Souls, Review, Classic Metal, Pitriff, Chris Akin Iron Maiden


    They don’t do it that often anymore, but there’s always excitement when Iron Maiden comes out with new music. Knowing that they are closing in on the end of their career, you really do end up hoping that when they go out for good, it will be with a bang. I think it’s universally agreed upon that

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  • Slayer - REPENTLESS

    Image: Slayer, Repentless, Pitriff, Review, Thrash Metal, Chris Akin Slayer


    Probably more than any release in their history, Slayer came into releasing this album at a crossroads. This WAS the album that, in many ways, dictated if the band could continue on or if it was indeed time to drift off quietly to Hell. The loss of guitarist Jeff Hanneman and the removal of drummer Dave Lombardo had almost every Slayer

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  • Operation: Mindcrime - THE KEY

    Image: Operation Mindcrime, Geoff Tate, Reviews, Music, heavy metal Operation: Mindcrime


    Geoff Tate’s falling out and subsequent two years of lawsuits, multiple versions of the same band and overall craziness in the press definitely tarnished a legacy that once seemed untouchable. Think about it. Even with over a decade of arguably bad releases (Q2K, TRIBE, AMERICAN SOLDIER, DEDICATED TO CHAOS), it wasn’t until the now infamous spitting incident and the

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    Image: WASP, Golgotha, Blackie Lawless, Pitriff, Review, Heavy Metal W.A.S.P.


    W.A.S.P. is one of those bands that has a ridiculously loyal fanbase...and good for them, actually. Doing THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, we get shit on repeatedly anytime we say anything that is less than glowing about W.A.S.P., Blackie Lawless or any of the band’s former or present members. Oh well...comes with the territory, I guess. After what seems like quite a

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Image: Mr. Big, Live From The Living Room, CD Review, PitriffMr. Big

It seems that all previous pains in the Mr. Big camp have been forgotten. Mr. Big returned last year with a great album, tour, and now a fairly intimate acoustic live album called LIVE FROM THE LIVING ROOM. It's good to see. This band that was always strong on musicianship might be the band of all bands best suited to do an unplugged set. Not only are their songs very condusive to this kind of setting, but they are so far superior a class of musicians than the average band that attempts to try this. They aren't hacks like Poison who just sound awkward when performing the songs outside of the defined box of their original recordings.

Not surprisingly, LIVE FROM THE LIVING ROOM was recorded in Japan, where Mr. Big are The Beatles. The crowd is receptive to this intimate setting, as they should be. In short, the performances from all members of the band are exceptional. Vocalist Eric Martin sounds every bit as strong as he ever has, and his voice sounds almost like it does on recorded work. Be it newer songs like "Still Ain't Enough For Me" or the classic "To Be With You", Martin's singing is both engaging and soulful. He's not the most impressive here though. That award goes to legendary bassist Billy Sheehan and guitarist Paul Gilbert. The two may not be plugged in and loud, but their ability to play is anything but hampered in the stripped down setting. Both sound great throughout, and both play far more than you might expect from a non-electric set. Sheehan himself throws down several solos throughout which is interesting here, while Gilbert plays his acoustic with more of a countrified flavor than his normal rocked up chops allow for. Even on mid-tempo tracks like "As Far As I Can See", the murmur of Sheehan's bass just tears through the bottom end of the sound; almost like a lead guitarist might normally provide. He and drummer Pat Torpey do far more than simply keep the beat for Martin and Gilbert. It's impressive to say the least.

PITRIFF RATING - 88/100 - What can you really say about a Mr. Big acoustic live album? It's tighter than the average band could ever hope to be musically. The musicians play to perfection. Eric Martin sings perfectly. Their always impressive harmonizing is as stong as it ever was. In short, Mr. Big provide what they always do - something impressive, professional and fun. It works.

Chris Akin

Image: Cause/Effect Metallica, Chris Akin

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