Camtasia How To Undo A Cut

Want to quickly undo an edit in Pro Tools 9? This free video software tutorial from Lynda presents a complete and thorough overview of the process. […]

How To Cook Red Kidney Beans And Rice

In this easy version of a classic Cuban dish, red kidney beans are seasoned with onion, bell pepper, garlic, cumin, and oregano. If you prefer black beans, use them instead, or sprinkle the dish with cilantro. […]

How To Download Deleted Mediafire File

Pandora Recovery is now Disk Drill, gains multiple extra features, yields excellent recovery quality, recovers archived, hidden, encrypted and compressed files. Act now, your deleted data may get overwritten by new files if you keep using the storage media where it was lost. Download the free Disk Drill Basic app and recover up to 500MB of data absolutely free. […]

How To Change Password Within Rds

Jon Simpson Recovering lost Amazon RDS master user login details. 18 Aug 2011 — aws, rds, masteruser, mysql The management console for Amazon RDS allows you to reset the master user password for your database instance 1, but there are no options at present to discover or reset the username of the master user. […]

How To Change Default Opening Of Document To Adobe Reader

Setting Adobe Reader as the default viewer for PDFs Learn how to select Adobe Reader as the default viewer for PDF files in Windows XP, Windows 7 and on a Mac. These instructions are useful if PDFs are opening in another program and you would prefer them to open in Adobe Reader . Alternatively if you have Adobe Acrobat (software used to edit and customise existing PDFs and create new ones) you […]

How To Avoid Cigar Beetles

The best way to deal with cigar beetles though is to simply take preventative measures against them by following the 70-70 rule. Do not allow your humidor to reach over 70% humidity and 70 degrees. If you’re at or above 70% humidity, once your humidor temperature reaches 75 degrees or higher you begin to run the risk of beetle eggs hatching. By keeping your humidor at the sweet spot of […]

How To Insert Cut Cells In Excel Shortcut

12/07/2018 · Excel 2016 - Shortcut to Insert Copied Cells - Alt+I+E - stopped working Always used the above shortcut to move a selection into a new place without overwriting existing data, but suddenly about a week ago, it just stopped working. […]

How To Change Cpu Fan Hp Pavillon Elite

3/01/2010 · -Use HP RECOMMENDED (Power Plan), so the CPU will throttle down to save power if only light tasks are being ran. (you can test it if you download CPU-Z and watch your clock speed going up and down). There should be 5 different power states on … […]

How To Clean Mold And Mildew Off Leather

See more What others are saying "Take proper care of your leather jacket to keep it clean and mold-free." "How to Remove Mold From Leather Jackets Mix one cup of rubbing alcohol or white" […]

How To Change Time Zone On Leveno Tablet

The problem is that the "Automatic Time Zone" setting on the Samsung Galaxy Tab defaults to on, and the preference to disable it is missing from the built-in settings application. There is an app on the Android market specifically designed to correct this issue called Galaxy Time Zone Fix . […]

How To Build Games In C++

How exactly do people get mods to work, for example, in a game? By mods I mean additions to the final executable. If I were to make a game (Using a compiled language), could I allow for myself or others to make additions to it without having to create some kind of scripting language. […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 How To Delete Web History

9/10/2015 I already tried to clear all Internet data under Settings > Applications > All > Internet > Clear data. Everything was cleared except the saved pages. Everything was cleared except the saved pages. This seems like a rather trivial feature that should be available somewhere... […]

How To Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope 2 Walkthrough. Earn 3 stars in all levels of Cut the Rope 2, unlock all achievements and earn all power-ups, hats, candies and finger traces for free. […]

Moneris Online How To Cancel A Preauth

Apart from setting up the processor in Zenoti, you should setup the following configurations, so that, Moneris can process your card payments (online and at-center): […]

How To Explain Why Change Rent Rate

Reviewing the rent at specified intervals ensures that the rent keeps pace with current market rates. Rent reviews may be self-executing and provide for a fixed increase, Consumer Price Index (CPI) review or a fixed percentage increase - or contain mechanisms for rent review, as with market rent reviews. […]

How To Buy Characters In Lego Marvel Superheroes

Deadpool' is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Deadpool does not have a major role in the main story, but he acts as a narrator for the extra missions found throughout New York City. Deadpool's level of violence has been dialed down, but he still retains his rough humor and... […]

How To Become A Sales Funnel Consultant

Become an instructor How To Design A Sales Funnel That Converts 3.2 (114 ratings) Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately. […]

How To Build A Map

Were constantly being asked how we make the maps that show our crazy itineraries. Obviously theyre helpful for blog posts, but I know other people like them for showing to friends and family, adding to a photo album of a trip, etc., and as I was taking some screenshots for an upcoming post it occurred to me that weve never done a tutorial. […]

How To Hard Cook Eggs

It truly seems simple, but getting the perfect soft boiled egg is not the easiest of feats! Here’s a guide on how long you should leave the eggs in the water – for the perfect soft boiled and hard boiled eggs. […]

How To Delete Internet Connection Windows Xp

3 Remove the Connection Tab in Windows Internet Explorer; 4 Make a Shortcut to Internet Options; Preventing certain Windows applications from running is a fairly effective way to restrict access […]

How To Build A Landscape Wall On A Slope

Make this trench long enough to bury one full block below grade as you did the first level of the block wall. 7 Pack the base of the trench with the hand tamper and check for levelness again. […]

How To Change Accuweather To Fahrenheit On Ipad

The official Weather Channel app is a solid iOS weather app alternative on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app features detailed information on location-specific weather that's updated hourly with forecasts made available for up to 15 days in the future. […]

How To Change A Pull Cord On A Stihl Chainsaw

Step 7 of 15: Leaving the chain saw on the ground, place your left hand on the handlebar and your right hand on the starter rope. Push your right toecap into the rear handle to stabilize the chain saw. […]

How To Choose Class For Histogram

Choosing classes in a histogram. The data set menu that accompanies the OneVariable Statistical Calculator applet includes the data on foreign-born residents in the states from Table 1.1. […]

How To Change Dpi Of Jpeg On Mac

20/04/2011 · In IV I opened a png image set to 72 dpi, pressed the i key and IV showed the info-box with 72 dpi. I entered 96 dpi, clicked on the "change" button and saved the file, closed and re-opened it, and it's still 96 dpi, so it works. I also checked and the info is … […]

How To Clean Clitoral Hood

Keeping the Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction Sites Clean My patients are instructed to irrigate with dilute chlorhexidine solution using a perineal irrigation bottle when using the … […]

How To Develop An Animated Series

Netflix will soon be able to tout an animated comedy series developed by The Simpsons and Futurama visionary Matt Groening as part of its ever-growing list of original content accolades. […]

How To Know What Bike Chain To Buy

To know if you're better off on a women's bike, find a shop with a selection of women's models. Take a test ride on a women's bike, then on a comparable men's model; go fast, brake hard, sit up […]

How To Change Span Text In Su Post

The span text changes, and I need to grab the text and set it as the value of the hidden field's value. I will then use php (I . Stack Overflow. Log In Sign Up; current community. Stack Overflow help chat. Meta Stack Overflow your communities . Sign up or log in to customize your list. more stack exchange communities company blog. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center […]

How To Become A Wedding Officiant In Oregon

Hotline Tip: Can A Notary Act As Both Wedding Officiant And Witness? By NNA Staff on August 23, 2012 in Hotline Tips What exactly is the responsibility of the Notary Public when it comes to performing a wedding, and what information should we supply on the certificate? […]

How To Connect My Ipad To A Printer

Connecting ipad 2 to usb wired printer without wifi. Is there a cable that connects ipad to printer? I`ve a wifi router with usb connection support, and i`ve connected a usb hard disk to it. now how can i access the files on that hard disk on samsung […]

Garmin How To Add Canadian Maps

It also comes preloaded with more than 8 million points of interest (POIs) and offers the ability to add your own. Enjoy FREE Lifetime Map Updates on the nuvi 50LM With FREE lifetime map¹ updates, you always have the most up-to-date maps, POIs and navigation information available at your fingertips. […]

How To Buy Raspberry Pi 3

8/01/2018 Buy Raspberry Pi 3 Here: Hi there, Welcome to Raspberry Pi 3 Tutorial. A complete Guide to setup and install Raspberry Pi 3 Model B as Gaming, Multimedia, Hacking and as a […]

How To Change Time In Pokemon Crystal Emulator

15/02/2006 pokemon crystal time not working Results 1 to 10 of 10 This is a discussion on pokemon crystal time not working within the ROM Discussion forums, part of the PSP Development, Hacks, and Homebrew category; the pokemon clock isen't working for me. i tried silver,gold,crystal and the time was always the same. i saw that […]

How To Create A New Pattern Swatch In Illustrator

After youve created a swatch, youll need to test out your pattern to see if it passes in a Square, Brick, or Hex pattern. This all depends on how you prefer to use your illustration as a pattern and your approach to the illustration. To test your swatch, create a blank rectangle / square and click on your swatch as a fill color from the swatches menu. To refine your illustration within […]

How To Add Notes On A Macbook

25/01/2016 · Create a Checklist in Notes for iOS. Open Notes app and create a new note (you can place a checklist into an existing note too) Tap the (+) plus button hovering above the iOS keyboard then tap on the little circle around a check icon in the corner […]

How To Become Enlightened Buddhism

The "Enlightenment" of 18th century Europe (the kind of "Enlightenment" which led to the evolution of philosophy, mathematics, etc.) is not the same as the "Enlightenment" (more accurately: "Awakening") of … […]

How To Cook Gravy With Flour

Simple toast or exotic bread doused in thick gravy or a plateful of fries laden with delicious gravy is any gourmets fantasy. While some consume gravy as a side, gravy fans use the main course expressly as a vehicle for gravy. […]

How To Create A Workflow In Sharepoint Online

20/07/2017 In this article we will see how to deal with SharePoint Online List Item update event. For the demo in this article I will consider a business scenario where on update of any Product in the Product list, an approval process will execute and an email is send to approver for the selection of Price Range for the Product just updated. […]

How To Become Part Of The National Speakers Bureau

Based at Libertyville, IL, business services, nec company National Speakers Bureau has a lot to offer. It has an annual revenue of $671,160 and employs nine people. Known for its specialized appeal, National Speakers Bureau has become quite popular within the industry. The […]

How To Build 700mhz Yagi

700MHz Yagi Antennas Frequency:698-755MHz, gain:16dBi 14dBi 10dBi, It is designed primarily for directional applications,Point to Multipoint applications . It is ideally suited for 700MHz WIMAX and public safety Band . The Yagi directional Series antenna system offered by ZDA is constructed of 6061-T6 Aluminum for outstanding service life. Individual elements are braised to the main beam for […]

How To Clean A Thermometer

Step 1 – Clean Ears, Clean Reading Before taking the temperature of a person using a digital ear thermometer it is important you make sure that the ear is clean. Dirt or ear wax built up inside the ear can cause an inaccurate reading. […]

How To Detect Ovulation Day

The luteinizing hormone is one of the most important hormones that come into play in the days that lead up to ovulation. An LH surge occurs when this hormone is released into the body by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland gets the signal to release this type of hormone from your hypothalamus. This area of the brain is your main hormone regulator. […]

How To Mix Single Base Coat Clear Coat Paint

BC/CC systems often require two coats of color and at least two to three top coats of clear. Add in time to mix all your paint and clean the gun in between the color and clear, and your paintjob […]

How To Clear Search History On Ipad

How to turn off restrictions on iphone restrictions will require the correct region for ratings to be viewed in go back to ibackupbot and copy the code under […]

How To Create A Groupon

Assuming we are talking making a profit on the initial sales alone, we can break down the recent TechCrunch article on the BBQ joint (who defended Groupon vs Rakesh Agrawal 's posts). […]

How To Call In Your Unemployment

You receive a PIN , the UCP-1 handbook and a UC debit card (if financially eligible) at the start of a new UC claim. Call your UC service center if you have lost your pin to have a new one issued. […]

How To Add Exids To Kodi

The Duckpool Repo has a new add-on from Mucky Duck that looks very promising for Kodi users. It has the new Duckpool Kodi video add-on that is divided up into sections including myStream, Movies, TV Shows, iWatch, Playlist Search and more. […]

How To Cook A Standing Rib Roast

It can be confusing knowing how long to cook a rib roast as different cooking times (and temperatures) are recommended depending on the size of your roast. That's why having a standing rib roast cooking times table at your fingertips is a must when you can't afford to overcook your meat. Use the […]

Microsoft Word How To Clear Ruler Marks

As you type sentences in Microsoft Word, it automatically wraps words at the end of each line to the next new line. The word wrapping places soft returns, invisible coding that indicates the word wrap, at the end of each line. […]

How To Create A Budget Worksheet In Excel

The Basic Monthly Budget Worksheet Everyone Should Have Use this budget worksheet to get a handle on your finances . Share Flip Pin Email Hero Images/Getty Images By Jeremy Vohwinkle Updated December 16, 2018 A personal or household budget is an itemized list of expected income and expenses that helps you to plan for how your money will be spent or saved as well as track your actual […]

How To Clean A Humidifier Filter With Vinegar

20/01/2017 · Weekly cleaning is recommended to keep your Honeywell Germ Free Cool Moisture humidifier running efficiently. All maintenance should be done in the kitchen or bathroom on a water resistant surface […]

How To Change Discord Time Zone

22/04/2016 Here is his Guild Guide on "Why Time Zone Doesn't Matter!" I tried to establish a timetable for the Monday raid and have found out that until + 6h time difference nothing changes. A short time difference is sometimes even better. […]

How To Build A Stud Partition Wall

Headers rest on jack studs and require an additional wall stud on either side for support. Support for Partition Walls. You can build a partition wall virtually anywhere, but the top and bottom […]

How To Cook Jasmine Rice Thai

Jasmine Rice. Informally called Khao Suay which means beautiful rice, Jasmine Rice (Khao Hom Mali, ???????????) is so deeply entrenched in the psyche (and pantry) of the shared national experience that the phrase Kin Khao which means to eat food literally means to eat rice. […]

How To Ask For A Beer In German

14/04/2011 · How do you ask for a beer in Prague? Learn that and other common Czech phrases. Czech is supposed to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. […]

How To Clear An App On Windows 7

When I uninstall my app with my Inno Setup uninstaller, the runtime files created in the user's AppData folder remain. Is it possible to remove them? Is it possible to remove them? windows-7 … […]

How To Cook Stuffed Banana Peppers

Cut banana peppers in half and milk wash and dip stuffed peppers in wash and then in flour, then deep fry until meat is done and golden brown. […]

How To Clean Fram Oil Filter

Place a drain pan under the oil filter and unscrew oil filter. Clean mounting base making sure the "O" ring from the old filter is not stuck to the filter mount. Apply film of clean oil to filter gasket. […]

How To Clean Stains Off Fabric Chairs

Paint Thinner - for oil-based paints and stains, you can try to remove the stain by applying a layer of paint thinner and tapping the stain with a brush or spoon. Lift with a Knife - a fun little trick with paint stains is to lift the paint with a dull knife. […]

How To Call Google Api

Google maps is an example of an API. Image courtesy of Google A conferencing API -- or any API for that matter -- allows a software application to communicate with a remote application over the Internet through a series of calls [source: TConsult, Inc. […]

How To Add In Audio Auditition

Adding an Audio Loop into Audition To add an audio loop into Audition, you can simple drag an audio file onto its interface and it’ll open up in the singletrack waveform view. Or you can go to File > Open and navigate to where the audio loop is. […]

How To Carry Heavy Kaya

The two main considerations when choosing a kayak are the weight it can carry on the water and how heavy it is to carry to your car. Junior kayaks won't always hold the weight of an adult without sinking, so you need to check the capacity of your kayak before making your decision. Similarly, you need to choose a kayak that you can comfortably carry and lift on to your roof rack, so check the […]

How To Clean Henry Shein Evacuation System

Surface Disinfectants. All healthcare settings, regardless of the level of care provided, must be equipped to observe Standard Precautions, that is, the minimum infection prevention practices that apply to all patient care, regardless of suspected or confirmed infection status of the patient, in any setting where healthcare is delivered. […]

How To Become A Hells Angel Nomad

Law enforcement agencies across the region are bracing for any potential fallout after a prominent Hells Angel was found murdered in Maple Ridge on the weekend. […]

How To Avoid Unionization In Ontario

Philadelphia was a city of labor-union firsts: the first recorded labor strike, first labor newspaper, first city central body of unions, and first labor-union political activity. Union Tactics Trade unions in the early Republic sought monopoly control over the local supply of labor with the "closed shop," an arrangement requiring employers to hire union members only. […]

How To Create A Budget For A Nonprofit Fundraiser

If your nonprofit works with kids, then this is the fundraiser for you. Host a trivia night, such as one mirroring the popular show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Host a trivia night, such as one mirroring the popular show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. […]

Collar X Malice How To Choose A Route

1/09/2017 This is a partial walkthrough for the common part of the prologue chapter in Collar x Malice up to where the game branches into the individual routes for Mineo, Takeru, Kei and Shiraishi (I just cant seem to call him Kageyuki ?\_(?)_/?). […]

How To Create Savable Fillable Pdf Forms Adobe Acrobat 8

Create a fillable form in Adobe Acrobat Professional NettieT, ATP Consultants Page 1 Using Adobe Acrobat Professional to Create an interactive PDF form file that is accessible with the FREE Adobe Reader Step 1: Create you document, i.e., in Word and save in an easily accessible location as a “Document name -Working File” (I save the file to my desktop for easy access and transfer to […]

How To Change The Sender Email Address In Gmail

"Using Sendmail to Change the Sender's Email Address " of that tutorial, if this tutorial would work, my problem would of solved aswell and i followed that one, and but it dindot work for me LVL 27 Arty system administrator Commented: 2008-11-19 […]

How To Build A Stand For The Aeropilates Reformer

If you are looking for a fantastic Pilates reformer that will make you stronger and better at Pilates too, the Stamina AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer is definitely a prime choice to go with. This is a solidly built item that is comfortable to use, pretty portable and compact, and will help to […]

How To Make Stretchy Clear Slime

There are so many ways to play with Slime. If you get your child to help you make the mixture it is a great science lesson and while children watch the two liquid mixtures join and turn into a thickened slime it is all very interesting. […]

How To Break Airman Transformation Gw2

Transformation demands innovative thinking and a process that can identify, examine, and turn bright ideas into reality—whether the idea is a new technology, concept, or a novel way to organize. […]

Ggplot How To Add Legend

Laura wrote the custom function ggplot_box_legend() (see source code below and in Laura’s blog), which uses the cowplot package to paste the explanation to the box plot. All you need to do is call the legend function just before you run your ggplot2 boxplot call. […]

How To Add Washer Fluid To Benz

19/02/2016 · It is a fairly complicated system and should be noted the engine coolant circulates in a tube/coil in the tank to heat the washer fluid. I had to clamp off the coolant lines or they will leak coolant everywhere. I just kept removing lines, electrical connections and screws until I got the tank out. It was not technically very difficult but tedious and took a bit of time and patience. again […]

How To Build A Motorcycle Frame Jig

This bike frame jig will make a Micro-mini BMX frame with a small as a 14" top tube length, MTB frames, Road, Track, 29ers up to a 27" (70cm) long top tube! […]

How To Connect Logitech Wireless Mouse To Unifying Receiver

+1 beat me to it. even some peripherals by logitech can't connect to a unifying receiver because it looks for certified hardware only. – Mustafa Aktaş Sep 20 '17 at 8:38 I was kind of expecting this answer after literally finding nothing about this on the web. […]

Sony Srs Xb10 How To Un Add

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sony SRS-XB10 Compact Portable Wireless Speaker with Extra Bass - Grey at Read honest and … […]

How To Download League Files Basketball Gm

8 Basketball Playbook 1 The Main Screen 1.1The view tab When the view tab is selected the sketch and the text of the current drill is visible. At the top of the window there are, quick options to open, save or creating a new play. […]

How To Add Lights To A Strand Of Lights

If you have a problem with a set of three-wire Christmas lights that arent working, I hope this solution is helpful. I dont own any special tools, so the solution isnt very elegant, but by going through the light strand and replacing all of the bad bulbs, I eventually hit on the one (or two) bulbs that were causing the whole strand to fail. […]

How To Make Steel Cut Oats Microwave

Steel cut oats seem to require much more liquid and time in the cooking process, it's a different cut to standard oats. A 4:1 ratio for steel cut would fit my personal experience. A 4:1 ratio for steel cut would fit my personal experience. […]

How To Clear Photos In Bulk

Saved too many photos on your Android phone and now want to bulk delete unwanted photos on Android? Or just want to remove private photos from Android because you plan to … […]

How To Add Media Sources To Channel Pear

After getting PEAR working on your machine (see Installation) you most likely want to install some packages. This guide shows people new to the PEAR command line installer how to get started. […]

How To Become Agent In Club Penguin Rewritten

How to become a ninja in Club Penguin About Ninjas Club Penguin Ninjas had been a source of rumor and legend for years, but was finally brought into reality by Disney in November 2008, changing Club Penguin forever with the introduction of the Dojo and Card-Jitsu. […]

How To Connect Godaddy Domain To Hostgator

Exactly, It was as easy as that to connect GoDaddy domain to HostGator. Once the propagation completed, You will be able to start using your HostGator web hosting account with your domain name. Once the propagation completed, You will be able to start using your HostGator web hosting account with your domain name. […]

How To Become A Power Ranger Wikihow

11/02/2013 The mentor of the year recruits 5 - 6 people to become superheroes known as the Power Rangers to combat it. Usually it would be teenagers with attitude, or aliens, or graduates with attitude, or space travelers, or space colonizers, or rescue services, or time traveling cops, or ecoterrorists, or Ninjas, or Teenagers again, or a police force, or wizards, or an agency, or a kung fu squad, or […]

How To Clean Credit History

"Your service is great! My Experian credit report is all cleaned up! I can't believe it! The other two bureaus are almost clean too. The past six months have been great. […]

How To Delete Login History On Facebook

If your Facebook account is quite older then you might have a lot of search terms stored at your account and if you want to delete the Facebook Search History for whatever the reason or if you simply want to recap your previous searches, here is how to do it. […]

How To Draw A Baby Arctic Fox

How to Draw an Arctic Fox by LCibos on DeviantArt. How to Draw an Arctic Fox by LCibos on DeviantArt . Visit. How to Draw an Arctic Fox How to Draw Worksheets for The Young Artist: How To Draw A Baby Fox Worksheet. Free Printable. Cassy Archibald. Animal. 드림팩토리 그림공부봇 on. Drawing Lessons Art Lessons Pencil Art Pencil Drawings Art Drawings Castle Sketch Castle Drawing […]

How To Call Function From Package In R

Downloading and installing R packages is usually performed by fetching R packages from a package repository and installing them locally. Capabilities to do this are provided by R libraries, and when in Python we can simply use them using rpy2. An interface to the R features is provided in […]

How To Create Paging Group

You need to make this code modification to each page you want to include in a Content Group. Once you have updated your pages with the tracking code, those pages are then grouped according to how you identified them by index number and group name. […]

How To Select All Photos On Iphone To Delete

Steps to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone 7. Step 1. Download and run the program, then connect your iPhone 7 to computer. Step 2. Select the erase mode like "Erase Private Data" to permanently delete existing photos. […]

How To Draw A Smiling Mouth With Teeth

Now that we talked about the tight lipped smiling face let's turn to the opposite - open mouth smile. I don't talk here about the "regular" smile showing teeth, but rather on the really open smile that looks like a … […]

How To Delete Yahoo Search Automatic Update

3/09/2012 More about uninstall downloaded automatic updates Emerald Sep 3, 2012, 9:54 PM double click the install shield, click Custom button, right click on each update […]

How To Draw Voldemort Step By Step

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw Harry Potter. Start out by drawing Harry's face, adding in all the details, such as: his hair, eyes, glasses, nose, and mouth. […]

How To Build A Gantt Chart In Excel

Use our Gantt Chart Excel tutorial and template to visualize your project plan. Learn to build a gantt chart step-by-step, or download the free template. Learn to build a gantt chart step-by-step, or download the free template. […]

How To Connect Pen To Blue Tooth

Hi, The Active Pen 2 was delivered with my Yoga 720 and I haven't used it much yet. I don't seem to be able to get the buttons to work. I am sure that I have inserted all the batteries correctly, but pressing the back button doesn't do anything (no bluetooth pairing, […]

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