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Pitriff | Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, News, Interviews, CD Reviews Sat, 28 Nov 2015 05:50:05 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Sevendust - KILL THE FLAW

Image: Sevendust, Kill The FlawSevendust


When I first saw Sevendust’s new release was titled KILL THE FLAW, my initial thought was “what exactly is the flaw?” It leads you to wonder just what it is that caused this band to not break big, while bands with lesser quality catalogs like Disturbed or Korn had such crazy amounts of success at the same time. This is not to say that either of those two bands were bad, but they certainly were not Sevendust. When you look at their career and their catalog, the only flaw most of us can find is the listening public. Not only is their music great, but their catalog is one of the most consistent in hard rock history. And yet, year after year fans are subjected to 30 minute sets opening for bands that don’t have half the talent, staying power or musical integrity that Sevendust possesses. The “flaw”, in my eyes anyway, is the audience.

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Image: Iron Maiden, The Book of Souls, Review, Classic Metal, Pitriff, Chris AkinIron Maiden


They don’t do it that often anymore, but there’s always excitement when Iron Maiden comes out with new music. Knowing that they are closing in on the end of their career, you really do end up hoping that when they go out for good, it will be with a bang. I think it’s universally agreed upon that THE FINAL FRONTIER would NOT have been that bang at all, but more of a generic whimper from a band that is capable of so much more. With a lot of hype (generated mostly by the band themselves), THE BOOK OF SOULS comes forth. It’s a LOT of listening to say the least - 2 discs, multiple songs over 10 minutes long, and a ton of nuances to swallow before you can truly form an opinion on it. It’s a daring project for Iron Maiden, especially at a time when it’s destined to be little more than a vehicle that gives them a reason to tour the world once again.

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Image: Slayer, Repentless, Pitriff, Review, Thrash Metal, Chris AkinSlayer


Probably more than any release in their history, Slayer came into releasing this album at a crossroads. This WAS the album that, in many ways, dictated if the band could continue on or if it was indeed time to drift off quietly to Hell. The loss of guitarist Jeff Hanneman and the removal of drummer Dave Lombardo had almost every Slayer fan wondering if there was any reason at all to continue. You have to give it to the “new” Slayer though, they’ve delivered when it counted. While certainly not the best release in the band’s history, it is the best they have done in decades.

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Operation: Mindcrime - THE KEY

Image: Operation Mindcrime, Geoff Tate, Reviews, Music, heavy metal Operation: Mindcrime


Geoff Tate’s falling out and subsequent two years of lawsuits, multiple versions of the same band and overall craziness in the press definitely tarnished a legacy that once seemed untouchable. Think about it. Even with over a decade of arguably bad releases (Q2K, TRIBE, AMERICAN SOLDIER, DEDICATED TO CHAOS), it wasn’t until the now infamous spitting incident and the rumored knife attack that people really launched their full on hatred for Geoff Tate. Much like Def Leppard, the greatness of the early work was so overwhelming that fans stood by, waited and hoped for a return to form that never came with Tate in that band. Let’s be honest here, DEDICATED TO CHAOS and FREQUENCY UNKNOWN were abysmal. There were some moments on FREQUENCY UNKNOWN that made you think there could be someething good left, but that just didn’t get the job done. So Tate has left his legacy behind to start a new chapter of his career. It comes in the form of the uninspired group name Operation: Mindcrime, and in the tradition of Tate’s best work - a concept.

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Image: WASP, Golgotha, Blackie Lawless, Pitriff, Review, Heavy MetalW.A.S.P.


W.A.S.P. is one of those bands that has a ridiculously loyal fanbase...and good for them, actually. Doing THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, we get shit on repeatedly anytime we say anything that is less than glowing about W.A.S.P., Blackie Lawless or any of the band’s former or present members. Oh well...comes with the territory, I guess. After what seems like quite a long wait (almost 6 years), Blackie Lawless and company return with GOLGOTHA; an album that continues the tradition started by DOMINATOR and BABYLON of integrating less shock and more of the biblical epiphany Lawless has welcomed into his life into the messages of new music.  To be honest, that is not really a problem to me, personally. As someone that truly finds the bible fascinating, I like introspective takes on biblical topics in movies and in music.

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Image: Halestorm, Into The Wild Life, Pitriff, heavy metal, reviews, interviewsHalestorm


With the release of THE STRANGE CASE OF…, I fell in love with Lzzy Hale. So much so, in fact, that I jokingly got down on one knee and asked her to marry me at Rock On The Range two years ago (a proposal that she didn’t flat out turn down, so maybe there’s still hope!!). Let’s be honest about why though. THE STRANGE CASE OF… was, pretty much a musically perfect album wherein the band found musical themes that were heavy and modern, but with a taste of the old school, traditional melodies and themes. As for Lzzy herself, her vocals were so powerful. Ultimately though, she has a very dirty mouth and listening to her is kind of like having that good chick friend who’s also super hot and you just know would be great in bed because she says it the way a guy wants to hear it. Lzzy and the band still “sound” great on INTO THE WILD LIFE, but that doesn’t stop this release from being a monumental letdown. In short, a good amount of the energy and fire from THE STRANGE CASE OF… has been stripped away by far too slick production, while the songs are just not as good at all.

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Marilyn Manson - THE PALE EMPEROR

Image: Marilyn Manson, The Pale Emperor, Pitriff, Modern Metal, ReviewsMarilyn Manson


Let’s just call it the way it is. It’s been a very, very long time since Marilyn Manson recorded a really good, memorable release that any of us still listen to on a regular basis. To many, the would probably says that it’s been since MECHANICAL ANIMALS back in 1998. For me personally, I’ll be a bit more generous and say point to 2003’s THE GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE as one I still listen to (with “Mobscene” and “This Is The New Shit” that stood out). That said though, that was 12 years ago. Being totally honest, his work last season on Sons Of Anarchy was the most interesting thing he’s done in a decade. He’s back with THE PALE EMPEROR. While I don’t think many had a whole lot of hope or anticipation for this release, it is a solid listen. It’s definitely the best work he’s done in a decade.

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Image: Black Star Riders, The Killer Instinct, Review, Classic Rock, PitriffBlack Star Riders


When Black Star Riders made their decision to record under a new name instead of as Thin Lizzy, it was met with a lot of opinions. For most, I would assume they were happy that they decided to move away from the name they had been touring under. For many, I'm sure there was a lot of apprehension about ruining the legacy, or at least dragging it through the mud if the new music wasn't good. For some, most likely record label people, they probably questioned the financial viability of starting over with a brand new name and distancing themselves from the humongous legacy that was and is Thin Lizzy. Regardless of which side of the argument you fall on, it's really hard to argue that what they've done has worked. THE KILLER INSTINCT picks right up where ALL HELL BREAKS UP left off.

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